Solis - Make your computer faster through the internet

Run desktop apps quickly from any device

Eliminate the restrictions of local computers. Solis runs your apps on powerful servers and delivers them to be used natively on your existing computer

The New Way to Use Your Computer

Create Faster

  • Run your desktop applications on powerful cloud specs instead of on your own local computer
  • Experience low latency performance through our edge nodes

Keeping the interface Simple

  • Open and use your cloud-run apps like they are native to your desktop
  • No need to access another operating system or virtual machine

Work from Anywhere

  • Hybrid work is made easier by accessing your apps on any device. Don’t be hindered by large laptops or bulky desktops
  • Connect from anywhere with wifi speeds stronger than 15 mbps

Auto-tailored Specs

  • Your specs are algorithmically optimized to fit the needs of you applications

  • Eliminate the spec guesswork

  • Reduce your costs

Choose an App:

Easier Rendering

  • Reduce your IT stack and seamlessly render your files through Solis
  • No need for additional render services anymore

Access Datacenter Grade Internet

Load your websites faster from our data center's high internet speeds of up to 2 Gbps

Privacy and Security

Have peace of mind in knowing that your connection is secure. We put great importance on ensuring your privacy.

  • Application level isolation
  • Application governance for teams
  • Standard encryption over the wire

  • 2-Factor Authentication

For all your use cases

Browser Apps

Work faster by accelerating your browser and apps

Photo/Video Editing

Do more by eliminating wait times and increasing precision with your content

3D Modeling

Work on your models smoothly with state of the art graphics cards


Animate with ease with a responsive UI and no slowdowns


Design complex models without a worry of crashes or slowdowns

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If you enjoy the product, simply pay a monthly subscription. We have different plans depending on your use case

For normal uses cases such as using the browser or working on spread sheets.
  • 8 core CPU
  • 32 Gb RAM
  • 10 Hours/Day
  • Dedicated support
For intense use cases which need graphics cards and seamless file storage.
  • Dynamic Spec Allocation
  • Graphics Card
  • Unlimited Hours/Day
  • Dedicated support
For businesses with employees who need powerful computers to do their work.
  • 8 core CPU
  • 32 Gb RAM
  • 10 Hours/Day
  • Dedicated support


  • An internet of 15 Mbps is required to experience the best performance.

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also access Solis through the browser.

  • In short, Solis is providing you access to run your applications and browsers on a more powerful computer in a data center called a cloud computer. Virtualization is then the technology inside of the cloud computer that allows applications to be used and streamed to your computer with ease. Solis will also be different from other cloud companies by making edge computing a standard for all our users. This means that users will access cloud computers geographically closer which enables increased performance.

  • Latency will be minimized as much as possible with the networking protocols that we implement through edge nodes. Additionally, your access to higher-powered RAM, CPU, and GPU resources will offset any latency bottlenecks to your device thus providing a faster computing experience.

  • Our Automatic Spec Adjuster optimizes your compute resources to provide your browsers and applications the fastest experience without you needing to manually pick or adjust your Solis machine’s specs. With the Automatic Spec Adjuster, you never have to worry about what amount of RAM, CPU, and GPU you need to best run your machine, each subscription will always provide you with the best speeds.

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